Are you looking for best Abacus classes , Vedic maths classes, Online Coding classes ,Abacus Franchise, Abacus Teachers Training and books. Abacus Instrument and kit. Then your search ends here, as for all your abacus needs , Mathemagichub ( manufacturer / whole sale supplier and publisher of Abacus Books is a one stop solution for all your needs. Including starting your own business franchise.

Abacus Needs: why to choose us

We are well known to provide best mental maths arithmetic education at minimum cost. We provide online classes as well as offline classes, maths classes, vedic maths classes, coding classes for your kids and as well as Teachers Training. Secondly we provide books and kits at a very minimum cost but with Quality beyond your expectation.

You get almost each and every material, like abacus-bag, T-shirt , medals and trophies. Report card printing to certificate printing, so that you get all material at one place.

We are admired for the quality and service we provide. Most important every material you can get with your brand name and logo on it.

Your trust on us has increased our responsibility much more than before. Therefore we aim our best honest efforts to keep our service and support prompt and above satisfaction.

We provide you with most beneficial courses , like mental math development course. So that your child can excel in academic progress especially to take away maths phobia of your child.

Abacus Franchise Support

Our aim is to offer franchise network across the globe and that too at a cheaper cost. Because we believe education is need of every individual.

We have put our honest efforts in providing abacus books , Vedic math books and education kits at cheaper rates. But with Quality beyond your expectation.

You may also get access to free portal for online abacus and vedic maths free practice papers.

To sum up we provide your child with a platform to appear for various competition exam. Like state and national competition as well as inter.national competition.

Benefits Of Abacus

  • Suitable for children between 4 to 14 years, that is from class kg to 5.
  • Improves calculation speed and accuracy.
  • Helps to improve academic result of your child.
  • Improve memory retention, therefore no need to mug up.
  • Improves creativity, thereby balancing left-right brain.
  • Improves visualization power, and hence learning ability.

Class Notes

Apart from the above services , also we have created class wise notes, from class 6 to class10 . So that you get access to solved textbook solution and consolidation. In short to have a complete academic solution . pls visit the link to have a look

ISO 9001:2015 Certified company

 a holistic and modern approach to education, inspired by nature

Improve memory retention through online maths practice portal

we provide your child with a nurturing and responsive environment so that they discover, learn, grow, and realize their potential, your child in our care are empowered with school and life readiness skills from the get-go.

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Learn abacus

Learning is critical to shaping your child’s life and hence we are committed to owning that role completely.

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Improve Visualize

Children are invited to explore in a secure environment ,so that they can learn more about themselves.

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Online Practice

Most important, we provide a online Free practice portal , so that your young one can keep practicing

What Our Customer Says About Us

Shreyansh Shinde
Shreyansh Shinde
Thank you so much mam for your support and encourage.mathmagichub is good platform for students to achieve their aim my son like mathemagichub.he is best in maths. In mathemagichub sir and mam is best teacher.
Vaishnavi Mandyan
Vaishnavi Mandyan
My own experience is on mathematic hub class are good teaching in all teachers and I understand all topics i.e maths, science and other subjects Thank you sir & Mam's 🙏🙏
Vaishali Andhale
Vaishali Andhale
Mathemagic hub is well teaching platform for students to achieve their ambitions and knowledge and this is so many loveable teaching hub ❤
Kakad Savita
Kakad Savita
It's an excellent class with glorious academic results. Mathemagic hub students are showing there flying colours in education....hence it is an perfect epitome of 5 rating starts ..
vishakha patil
vishakha patil
Mathemagic hub is exllent platform to get active our child brain.they improve magically here.that we can't make out at home...once child used to do calculation in mind with tricks teach by teachers they love to do that passionately.without any boredom. as my son is very hyperactive but teachers taking lot of efforts very patiently. So he is improving now.I am happy with teachers.I would like to recommend mathemagichub without any concern 👍 Thank you 🙏
Priya Bhamare
Priya Bhamare
well teaching and friendly with students , personally observation these are best quality of mathematics hub.
chandrashila gaikwad
chandrashila gaikwad
Excellent!! Quality of coaching is incredible. Classes are conducted regularly as per given time slot. It is best institute for Abacus. I am very satisfied by my daughters progress.
Dr Kalyani khanapure
Dr Kalyani khanapure
It's a very nice academy, and give personal attention to every student.
Archana Parit
Archana Parit
Thanks a lot for teaching him so well.Your unique teaching technique developed a lot of interest in maths subject.He is very good in maths because of u . Thanks once again

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