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Our mission is to satisfy customers wants for Abacus Books and kit and fulfill there needs at lowest prizes with excellent quality

Mathemagic hub mission

we have a team of professional who did a lot of research work and brought to you a well crafted abacus books.

our Abacus Books contains puzzles, brain booster exercise with lots of test papers.So as to avoid the monotonous and boring syllabus.

our abacus books are easy to follow and adapt by any one.

we are admired for providing Abacus Teachers Training , at lowest prize

Abacus Books

Abacus Books

  • every level has 2 Abacus books, for sufficient practice.
  • laminated cover page, to avoid damage.
  • single colored inside pages , to keep standard look
  • advance syllabus (Soroban Methodology)
  • puzzles and brain booster exercise, makes interesting
  • syllabus designed by expert and experienced teachers
  • Question papers inside the books to practice and take test

For additional Abacus practice we provide you with a online portal ,so that students can take free online Abacus test practice

kids abacus

7 Rod Abacus Instrument

Suitable for Jr level abacus

Instrument-17 Rod

  • strong material for long lasting
  • low prize , so as to reduce burden on your pocket

Master Abacus /Teachers Abacus

  • Strong Wooden Frame,as a result sturdy product
  • Can be Hanged on a wall,so as to make teaching easy
  • Light weight in order to make easy to carry
  • Spring fitted Yellow color beads as a result smooth movement

Student Abacus-13 Rod

  • Low cost , so as to reduce burden on your pocket.
  • Strong material , hence avoid breakage

Certificate printing

  • High quality printing, so as to make it attractive
  • Attractive design with bright colours, certainly are the main ingredient
  • paper 250gsm, so as to avoid damage

Medals for competitions

  • Heavy weight medals, but still with low cost
  • Olympic design medals as well as other design
  • with your logo and name so as to create branding

One Stop Solution for Abacus needs

Mathemagichub provide you with one stop solution for abacus books , Abacus instrument ,master Abacus, vedic maths books , handwriting books, calligraphy , phonics and preschool books., as well as Abacus bags and printed T-shirt.

Most Important ,we extend all the support so that you can start your own Abacus Center.

Vedic Maths Book
  • Vedic Maths Books
  • Total 4 Levels, in order to learn step by step
  • Each Book with 52 pages, so as to have sufficient practice
  • laminated cover page , in order to avoid damage and create shine
  • Advance syllabus Designed by professional, so as to make your task easy
  • Brain Booster Exercise & Puzzles in Book, in order to make it interesting
  • Question Paper in the Book, so that you can check yourself

Abacus Bags

Abacus Bags

  • Bright Red Attractive Color, so that anyone would appreciate
  • Water proof Material, so as to make it more suitable for children
  • Get your own branding on the Bags in order to create advertising


Abacus T Shirt

  • Bright Red Orange Color or Lemon Yellow, so as to make it more attractive
  • Rice Grain /Honey Comb Material, for more comfort
  • with your own branding on the T-shirts, so as to create your advertising

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