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The Element Of Education

every child has a unique ability,we need to recognize and encourage

-MatheMagic Hub

Play school

Our is the best Play school near to you. Our Customer highly admire us because of the quality of education we provide to your child. We provide a ambience which have well ventilated and plenty of natural light. your little ones can play and learn in their first play school that will remain in their sweet memories.

Apart from sunlight and ventilation all other hygiene factor are maintain so that you do not worry. as it is another home of your little ones.

We get all the encouragement from the wonderful kids and the parents that keeps us motivated to make mathemagichub as one of the best play school.

With a beautiful premises , lovely gardens where student play and learn with fun. Our playschool from day one have a very astonishing response from our wonderful parents.

Learning while playing

What makes us different from others is that we provide advance tools for teaching , our syllabus is well structured and designed by experts , we have our own worksheets ,syllabus and book , and most significantly we provide free abacus class for the play school students so that wright from childhood the get habitual of visualization and mental maths development.

we follow CBSE/ICSE patterns where children learn while enjoying and playing a lot.

soon we are planning to shift to bigger premises with extra classrooms and planning to add the higher classes.

We have provided a very unique facility to our students where they can solve exciting worksheet from their home on mobile or computer.

We have plenty of worksheet which can be solved online from the comfort of home at convenient time.

Apart from this for students of class 5 to 10 can get free access to class notes , solved exercise ,test papers at

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